end to end induction.

end to end induction for new starters

After years of working with organisations on their new starter development, we have found that our simple but effective four stage approach is the key to success.

At Rise Learning Group, we believe that new starter development begins during the onboarding process. Each ‘touch point’ a new starter has with your organisation is an opportunity for them to get to know the business and to feel a part of it.

Our four-stage blended approach to induction includes:

Pre-engagement – Improve day one attendance through professional pre-welcome videos, group introductions, e-learning, policies and a remote QR code tour of the company. Your new starter’s induction starts before they set foot on-site.

Trainer-led activity – Blended training which can be delivered remotely or in-person, covering the role, policies, processes and systems. Everything your new starter needs to be able to hit the ground running.

Implementation – We run a virtual or in-person development centre, allowing your new starters to put their skills into practice in a safe and compliant setting.

Embedding – Your training doesn’t stop when induction does. We build a framework to transition from good to great during the end-to-end colleague journey.

So, what modules are covered within our approach to new starter development?

the programme

Design and delivery of a bespoke new starter development programme. Choose from one of our three options:

  • Option 1: Corporate Induction – Designed in two parts, a pre-welcome package to improve day one attrition and a one-day welcome to the business, introducing new starters to the culture, values, company strategy, services and an introduction to the wider team.
  • Option 2: Trainer-led Induction – Speed up your new starters’ route to competence with ‘classroom’ based training. Content covers the role itself, systems, processes, policies and core skills to ensure new colleagues are competent and confident when they join their teams.
  • Option 3: Full package – Corporate Induction, ‘classroom’ Induction & structured development centre with tailored Action Learning Sets, providing your people with a clear and comprehensive development framework from before they join the business to the end of their probabtion period.

All of our solutions can be delivered remotely or on-site.

modules covered.

Corporate Induction

Every organisation should begin their new starter journey with a Corporate Induction. This should give your new starters an opportunity to learn more about the business, culture, values and how they will personally contribute to the overall strategy.

Introduction to key teams

We recommend an approach where your new starters will meet key teams early in the Induction journey. This allows them to meet more people across the business and provides the opportunity to ask any key questions they might have.

Service Delivery

For individuals in service-based roles, we have a host of modules to provide them with the skills they need to provide service excellence. Modules such as empathy, effective questioning, active listening, negotiation, assertiveness and objection handling.

Situational Training

Bespoke system and process training that provides your new starters with the tools they need to carry out their day-to-day roles. Situational training includes system navigation, role-play, call listening and scenario-based training.

Knowledge Assessments

We also advocate use of knowledge assessments as part of Induction. This might include a weekly or monthly knowledge assessment to help embed the new learning and evidence colleague competence.

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