new starter core skills.

support new starters beyond induction

At Rise Learning Group we know that learning goes on long after induction ends.

That’s why we’ve developed a range of Core Skills Action Learning Sets to ensure your new starters remain equipped and engaged.

Each Action Learning Set is one-day and can be delivered remotely or on-site.

modules covered.

Effective communication

The key to effective working in any workplace is in our ability to communicate well with others. This includes our ability to ask the right questions, listen actively and pick up on both verbal and non-verbal cues from others to ensure that we get the most out of that interaction.

Negotiation and influencing

Strong negotiation and influencing skills can enable us to put across key ideas, manage others or influence our customer’s decisions. It is a complex skill that requires planning and preparation, as well as an understanding both our own needs and the needs of others.

Empathy & Emotional Intelligence

Being empathetic is all about putting yourself in the shoes of others. Emotional Intelligence sits side-by-side with empathy, it is our ability to understand our own and others’ emotions. These skills can enable us to build positive and trusting relationships, enhance our communication skills and increase our own personal resilience.

Customer Service

Providing great service to your customers and internal stakeholders is key to the success of any business. This involves finding out the needs of your customers, making every interaction count and always going the extra mile. We can exercise these skills with both consumers and the people we work alongside.

Personal Effectiveness

Personal effectiveness is the way in which we manage our time and carry out our day-to-day activities. This starts with finding out what works for you. There are many tools available to help you find the most effective ways to work, including the Action Prioritization Matrix, the Urgent/Important Principle, Time Management tools and more.


New starter core skills courses are available for £2,000 + VAT per course.

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